flying kites

and other follies of a twenty-something grad student

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re-reading my favorite book…

How well we pull togetherdon’t we?” said Amywho objected to silence 

just then.

So well that I wish we might always pull inthe same boat. Will you

Amy?” very tenderly.

YesLaurie,” very low.

Then they both stopped rowingand unconsciously added a pretty little 

tableau of human love and happiness to the dissolving views reflected in 

the lake.

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

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Spring Break 2012 Destination:

The Grand Canyon in sweet home Arizona. Road tripping it out there with three lovely ladies!

Summer (Graduation) 2012 Destination:

My high school friend, Zoe, and I are headed off on our Europe Adventure on May 28th:

Visiting my dear friend, Antoine, in Paris.

Visiting Antoine’s sweet family in Annecy.

And visiting another great friend, Kenneth, in Barcelona.

To say I am extremely excited would be an understatement. I cannot wait!!

2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic year and I feel incredible blessed by it. I’m grateful for my planned “adventures,” upcoming graduation and grad school, and the special people who have come into my life this year. Sic ‘Em, 2012!

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athletic prowess

Tried disc golf for the first time this weekend. Threw it in a tree and had to climb up to get it. Threw it in a river and had to fish it out.

I think I’ve found myself a new hobby!

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kite festival!

The 83rd annual Zilker Kite Festival in Austin is quickly approaching (March 4)! I’ve been going with a friend from high school for the past four years and absolutely LOVE it! In fact, I believe I had just gotten back from the festival when I began this blog last year-hence the name. I’m not a big kite-flyer; I generally only do it at the kite festival, but I have a blast every time. We always pack a lunch and have a picnic at the park (who doesn’t love a picnic? Last year we made Rachel Ray’s Tuna Pan Bagnat-delicious!). It’s also a great excuse to visit Austin and my dear old friend, Zoe. :)

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i love my job.

I work at a preschool. Today I was counting puzzle pieces with a clever little two year old. She said, “twelve, thir-teen, four-teen, five-teen, number-teen…” Hey, if you don’t know it, act like you do and no one will notice!

After working at a restaurant for four years, I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am for a job that I look forward to each day. Those kids light up my life in so many ways-it’s hard to leave in a bad mood even if I came in with one. I wouldn’t want to make a career out of working at a preschool, but I certainly enjoy it now and feel so blessed for each of my little sunshine children.

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poker face

Game night last night-I’ll never get tired of staying up til 1 (yes, that’s VERY late for me) playing Nertz and Texas Hold ‘Em with great company. We usually play cards with our neighbors once a week and last night we got to enjoy it with a few extra guests-always fun! And we may have converted a couple new fellow Nertz-obsessors.

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yearly update

Since I deleted my Facebook a while ago, I’ve gotten complaints from family about not being able to keep up with me/creep on my page. I’m going to try to give updates on here for a while and see how that goes! My blogging track record isn’t the best….

I visited home last month and had a fantastic time with my family. My mom and I took a trip up to Flagstaff (my most favorite place on earth) and my dad and I went on a hike not too far from his house. It was nice to get some one-on-one with them (rare with 7 brothers and sisters! I guess living a thousand miles away doesn’t help, either…). It was crazy being up at my mom’s house where we got snowed in, then driving two hours south to dad’s house in Phoenix and having 90 degree highs!

Snowball fight with some of my brothers. *Note Daniel’s mismatched shoes. Such a boy!

They spent ~20 min climbing on this fence and falling back into the snow-I was too scared to try it. :)

Some of my favorite men. 

My stocking at my mom’s disappeared. She and my stepdad went to get me a new one and came with that little gem of a “stocking” (a bear backpack with bells and bows tied to it). They were extremely proud of their creation and dubbed him the “Baylor Bear Stocking.”

Hello, Phoenix!

Dad, where he almost killed me by causing a mini-avalanche. 

Arizona-blue skies and saguaro cacti!

Life’s been a whirlwind since I’ve been back in TX: PT school interviews, BEARATHON planning, classes, work… I found out at the beginning of the month I made it into UTMB in Galveston, so I made a trip down there to check it out. It seems like a great school, but I don’t think I want to live in Galveston.


These boulder catwalk things were pretty cool!

UTMB’s school of health professions, as seen from the window of my car.

I’m 99.99% certain I’ll be going to school in San Antonio. I really enjoyed my visit/interview at UTHSC in San Antonio and have accepted their invitation for admission. If all my wildest dreams come true, I’ll get into the Army-Baylor program (kinda bombed that interview because I was so nervous, so we’ll see), but I won’t find out until March.

I think that’s enough for now! Many blessings.

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i need to stop blinking…

'cos time is flying!

In anticipation of my final few semesters at Baylor, I’ve experienced a dire need to document every little event that takes place. And so I present to you: first trip to Homestead Heritage!

Great friends, great food, and a very neat little establishment. Definitely recommended.

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summertime, and the living’s easy

Last summer in Waco! Here are a few personal goals I have for the next few months:

1. Build a deck!!! Here’s the progress so far:

In other words, none.

2. Try at least 15 new recipes. (Starting with a modest goal-I generally don’t have the ingredients already on hand if it’s new, so this can get expensive!) The roomie and I made this tasty supper my first night back from VA-I was so tired of being stuck in a hotel room, I had to air out the kitchen! I love all the fresh ingredients included in this meal, which leads us to my next goal.

3. Start an herb garden. My mom always had a garden when I was growing up, and I’d like to continue the tradition. Being that I was generally the one raiding her garden rather than doing the gardening (I used to sneak out my window and eat all her broccoli-she always wondered why she could never get it to grow! I now wonder why I was such a weird kid…), I figured it’d be best to start reasonably with a small herb garden.

4. Rock the GRE! June 24. So soon. Too soon?

5. Gain a working knowledge of what it means to be a physical therapist in my internship this July. Also, gain an A in the $3000, three credit hour class attached to my internship.

6. Blog more? We’ll see about this one… based on my current track record, it’s gonna be tough!

7. Have fun, try new things, make new friends. I’m adventurous when it comes to trying different little endeavors, but pretty shy when new people are involved. I realized that I don’t really know anyone I work with now, though I made some of my best friends at my last job (possibly the only positive that came from working at a restaurant for three years). I guess it’s hard to get to know someone when you’re speaking in baby-talk and crawling around on the floor with two-year-olds. In light of this realization, I invited with a girl I’ve worked with for 6 months (and never really talked to) to come along with a couple other friends to Homestead Heritage on Saturday. Whoa, Skye’s stepping out of the comfort zone? It’s about time.